High Jump Champion Blanka Vlašić Retires!

High jump champion Blanka Vlašić has announced the end of her career. In her great career, Blanka has twice been an outdoor world champion. She won silver at the Beijing Olympics and bronze at the Rio Games. She has the second-best result of all time and is the Croatian record holder with a jump of 208 centimeters.

The Zagreb meeting has a long-standing history, but it peaked during the time when Blanka Vlašić was jumping towards athletic history. The Hanžeković Memorial as we know it today gained popularity and grew together with Blanka.

It was in Zagreb that Blanka won her event for the first time, it was there that she soared over 2 meters for the first time, it was in Zagreb that she reached 208 cm—the second best height of all time. It was in Zagreb that she won the gold 6 out of 11 times, five times in a row during her peak. It was in Zagreb that she jumped over 2 meters six times.

Then came 2009—the year that entered world athletic history books, the year in which Blanka achieved the most valuable result in the history of the Hanžeković Memorial. On that perfect humid Zagreb summer evening, cheered on by the crowd, she flew over 208 centimetres! The deafening silence as she approached the bar and the eruption of joy as she cleared the jump will forever be etched in our memories. The whole small stadium at the Sava River breathed together with Blanka.


She jumped over this miraculous limit a total of 165 times at 106 events, which puts her in second place of all time, again after the brilliant Bulgarian who achieved this an astounding 195 times.

Thank you, Blanka, and good luck!

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