15 Budapest medallists and 40 finalists to be watched at the sold out 73rd Boris Hanžeković Memorial

Athletes Hansle Parchment (JAM), Lamont Marcell Jacobs (ITA), Sandra Perković (CRO), Beatrice Chepkoech (KEN) and Ferinand Omanyala (KEN) with Zagreb Meeting Project Manager Natko Bošnjak

Beatrice Chepkoech (KEN) in a chase for a 2000 meters steeplechase world record, Hansle Parchment (JAM) attacking sub-13 race, Lamont Marcell Jacobs (ITA) and Ferdinand Omanyala (KEN) meeting record, while local star, double Olympic champion and double world champion Sandra Perković (CRO) chase season’s best and eleventh win at the Boris Hanžeković Memorial, organisers announced today.

Slightly disappointed after the World Championships, discus thrower Sandra Perković (CRO) is very optimistic about competing in her home town on Sunday, 10 September.

“Ten victories in Zagreb mean a lot to me. We will have a tough competition this year as well, even though Valarie (Allman, USA) is not competing. I will meet her in Eugene in one week but focus is at the moment on the Boris Hanžeković Memorial. I will give my all, because eleven wins at my favourite meeting sounds amazing. I invite everyone to come and support us. I want to throw a season’s best in Zagreb and another one at the Diamond League’s final in Eugene.

Foto: Renato Branđolica/BHM

After the Budapest disappointment, China was reset. Getting away from everyday life without the Internet helped a lot, even though we flew for over 30 hours, I came back fresh to Zagreb.

My form has never been better even though I did not have a chance to show it, but I have not given up yet, I still believe and want to participate in two more competitions, Injury is eliminated but it does not let me rest, as it is not completely healed. It is holding me back from reaching my full form, but I think I can do it, I am looking forward to the Olympics already, I would not say I want revenge, but I want to make up for the Tokyo mistakes.

I invite everyone to come to the stadium, it is a motivation for all of us to be as successful as possible. Many great athletes deserve our attention to finish the season as they wish. The ritual for Zagreb is to come focused and give it your all because the Zagreb audience deserves it,” says double Olympic and double world champion Sandra Perković.

Foto: Renato Branđolica/BHM

3000 meters steeplechase world record holder Beatrice Chepkoech (KEN) is the favourite to set the world 2000 meters world best in Zagreb.

„I think it will be a good race as 2000 meters will be a faster one. I will try to give it my all, maybe even attempt to break the world best. I am in good shape for the past two weeks, and I will certainly give it my all in tomorrow’s race.“

Double Olympic champion Lamon Marcell Jacobs (ITA) has not had the best season so far but is optimistic to run an Olympic standard of 10.00 in Zagreb.

„I have had a lot of problems and injuries this season, but I will try to attack the season’s best. I know the Zagreb Meeting is significant because Usain Bolt (JAM) set a meeting record, but I will do my best to beat Ferdinand Omanyala and other athletes. I have run 9.80 in my career and can run faster than 10.00. Tomorrow, I will try to find my best form and not think about the time but enjoy myself and run fast.

Mission for the next season is clear. I want to bring home Olympic gold once again. Staying healthy will be crucial. I know when I am healthy I can run fast. Also, as the European Championships will be held in Rome where I live and train, it is going to be a fantastic year.“

Foto: Renato Branđolica/BHM

After finishing third in Zagreb last year, Ferdinand Omanyla (KEN) will try to get revenge.

„I am very happy to be in Zagreb again. I want to make a good impression, work hard to improve my time from last year, I believe I can achieve it as I am in a good shape. It is possible to run sub-10 tomorrow. There are no limits to what can be achieved. You can achieve a season’s best at the end of the season, and Iam looking forward to it.

Of course, I am building my form for the Olympic Games. This year has been really good, with nine races sub 10 seconds. Marcell (Jacobs, ITA) and I are rivals and competitors on the track, but we are people outside of that, and after our careers, we might even become managers. We are competitors on the track, and we both want this sport to be as interesting as possible.

Olympic 110 meters hurdles champion Hansle Parchment (JAM) is aiming to break Mark Crear’s meeting record of 12.98 which stands from 1999.

„After winning the Olympic gold in 2021 I came to Zagreb sick and I did not win. This year I am looking forward to a fast race, hopefully I will win. Conditions in Zagreb are very similar to the ones at the Diamond League Xiamen. It is very hot and I believe this hot weather will help me run fast, sub-13 again. It is possible more than one athlete will run sub-13 tomorrow.”