The Boris Hanžeković Memorial race is being run by current Olympic champion

The Boris Hanžeković Memorial event, 110 meters hurdles, has been the central event of the Zagreb Meeting for over seven decades.  Therefore, the start list is always carefully considered. The 73rd Boris Hanžeković Memorial will be no exception.

The start list is filled with talents and medal lists from major competitions, so we can already announce a spectacular race on 10 September at the Mladost stadium. The list of athletes is led by the current Olympic champion, Hansle Parchment, who won a silver medal at the World Championships in Budapest about ten days ago.

Alongside him will be the bronze medallist from Budapest, Daniel Roberts, and two more finalists from the World Championships, Sasha Zhoya and Wilhem Belocian. Zhoya is also the world junior champion and record holder, the European U23 champion and is likely one of the future stars of this event.

The meeting record stands at an excellent 12.98 and has been held by Mark Crear since 1999. However, Parchment has a personal record of 12.94, and Roberts has 13.00, so this record is in danger.

110m hurdles – Entries

  1. Sasha Zhoya FRA
  2. Lukas Cik CRO
  3. Daniel Roberts USA
  4. Wilhem Belocian FRA
  5. Hansle Parchment JAM
  6. Louis François Mendy SEN
  7. Eric Edwards USA