World Athletics Spectacle on Zagreb’s main square: Tina Šutej announced the new Meeting Record

Three-day World Athletics Spectacle starts with the Zagreb City Challenge on Friday.

The last stop of World Athletics Continental Tour Gold in 2022 starts on Friday with the Boris Hanžeković Memorial in Zagreb. Ban Jelačić square will host the first ever street competition in Zagreb – Zagreb City Challenge will kick-off with women’s Triple Jump after which spectators will enjoy in women’s Pole Vault and men’s Long Jump competition.

The favourite in the women’s Pole Vault competition will be European bronze medallist from München Tina Šutej.

„The season has been good so far but I always want to jump higher. I am motivated to do so. Pole Vault is the combination of Athletics and Gymnastics but the Gymnastic part isn’t my strongest part of the Vault. I have to work on it a lot. As the Meeting record stands at 4.50, I am definitely confident that I will challenge it. The easiest for me is to jump indoors because of the conditions, as there is no wind. Zagreb offers great possibilities to jump high“, announced Tina Šutej.

Zagreb City Challenge starts on Friday at 2:00 pm with Triple Jump. The favourite in the field will be the Mediterranean Champion Neja Filipič.

„The energy will for sure be better here than the one at the stadium. As I set my personal best last year at the Boris Hanžeković Memorial, I believe that we all can jump far. I will give my best to beat my personal best in Zagreb again“, said Neja.