Hanžeković Memorial in the Golden Category!

Great recognition for athletics and Croatian sports came from Monte Carlo at the presentation of the Continental Tour, where the Hanžeković Memorial was included in the Golden Category!

Today in Monte Carlo, the popular Zagreb Hanžeković Memorial, one of the largest Croatian sports events, received another great international recognition by entering the category of the world’s most important athletic rallies – WA Continental Tour, in the most prestigious gold level.

The Boris Hanžeković Memorial has been organized at the highest international level for decades, so in 2000 it became part of the IAAF Grand Prix, and in 2010 it began its membership in the IAAF World Challenge category, to establish itself today within the new concept of the World Athletics Continental Tour. By entering the golden level of the new competition, recognition was given to the Zagreb rally, which has been delighting the Zagreb audience with the top results of the world’s best athletes for 70 years.

Thanks to the City of Zagreb, led by Mayor Bandić, who supports the preservation of the Hanžeković Memorial tradition and makes a significant contribution to the development of Croatian athletics, the Hanžeković Memorial in 2020 will mark its 70th anniversary and continue the tradition of competition that was preserved even in war years.

The new level of the Hanžeković Memorial began today with the presentation of the World Athletics Continental Tour in Monte Carlo, as part of the gala evening and awards ceremony for the world’s best athletes hosted by the Prince of Monaco, Albert II, and the President of World Athletics, Lord Sebastian Coe. new concept of the competition: “The World Athletics Continental Tour will bring together European rallies with the oldest tradition and memorials bearing the names of the legends of our sport – I hope you like it!”

The invitation to come to the presentation of the new concept of the competition by World Athletics was also handed to Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić.
The Zagreb delegation was represented by the director of the rally Ivana Brkljačić and a member of the Board of Directors of the club Paula Jagar instead of the mayor Milan Bandić and the president of AK Dinamo Zrinjevac Ana Hanžeković.

On that occasion, Ivana Brkljačić thanked the City of Zagreb, led by Mayor Milan Bandić, and all those who made this level possible with their contribution.
“It is a great honor and I feel immense pride that the Boris Hanžeković Memorial has been recognized as one of the best rallies in the world and I am glad that it will be crowned with the golden level of the World Athletics Continental Tour on its 70th anniversary. I thank everyone who, through many years of sacrifice and dedicated work, has made today’s world-class Memorial possible. I would especially like to thank the City of Zagreb, led by Mayor Bandić, for its continuous support of the Hanžeković Memorial and the development of Croatian athletics. “