Amazing Tom Walsh Puts On Rainy Spectacle at Zagreb

Not even heavy rain prevented world champion Tom Walsh from winning the shot put event at Zagreb, while putting on a real spectacle for the soaked crowd.

In all 6 attempts at the 5th Ivan Ivančić Memorial, the amazing New Zealander threw over 21 metres (21.63, 21.91, 21.13, 21.49, 21.74, 21.98), but his longest throw was the remarkable 21.98 in the last, 6th round.

“In these conditions, I am very satisfied with my result, in normal circumstances the shot would travel far beyond 22 metres. It is very, very difficult to throw in such weather, the shot slips off your neck, the circle is slippery and you are a bit hypothermic. In any case, these are not the best conditions for long throws. And this is why, I repeat, everybody did a very good job and made the most out of that”, Walsh said, leaving no doubt that we would see him at the Zagreb Fountains next year again.

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything. It is well known that this is my favourite meeting, at which I have never ever thrown badly”, the current world champion said, visibly satisfied with his last competition before the World Championships in Doha.

Also Darrell Hill, who finished second with 21.50, and Joe Kovacs with 21.22 did great in those circumstances. All three of them will undoubtedly be candidates for medals in Doha.

Croatian record holder Filip Mihaljević, although in very good form, could not cope with the conditions detrimental to shot put. After stepping outside of the circle twice, he threw 18.81 in the third attempt and placed 12th.