Ivana Brkljačić u Izvršnom odboru Euromeetingsa

Euromeetings group which represents more than 40 meetings in Europe elected a new board for the coming four years period. At the traditional autumn general assembly Alfons Juck (Ostrava) was elected the new president with Cedric Van Branteghem (Brussels) new vice-president and Jari Salonen (Turku) new honorary treasurer.

Remaining in the function as honorary secretary is Jacky Delapierre (Lausanne). From the previous board only one remaining person was Johan Engberg (Karlstad). New members elected were Hans Klosterman (Hengelo), Ivana Brkljacic (Zagreb), Marc Corstjens (Heusden/Liege), Marc Osenberg (Dusseldorf) and Spencer Barden (London/Birmingham).

Outgoing president Rajne Soderberg (he was the third president after Andreas Brugger and Svein Arne Hansen) was confirmed as Honorary Life President.

Euromeetings (created in 1979) represents events across the calendar from indoor meetings through combined events and Diamond League or World Challenge to different European permits.