Crouser pobijedio na fontanama sjajnim hicem od 22.09 metara!

Olympic champion Ryan Crouser returned to winning ways at the IAAF World Challenge meeting in Zagreb on Monday.

He achieved 22.09 in fourth series and also last throw of 21.84 would be enough to win.

“This is one of my favorite places to throw. Exciting and fun with lot of energy from the spectators and the 22 m is always a big benchmark. The competition started out a bit difficult but then my technique clicked and I threw 22 metres, so I can’t be disappointed”, he said.

World champion Tom Walsh with 1st throw took the lead 21.53 and improved in last to 21.78. Also David Storl as third got his best one in final try 21.46. Fourth European champion Michal Haratyk 21.24 and fifth Czech World Indoor medalist Tomas Stanek 21.06.