Zlatni Martinot-Lagarde i srebrni Šubenkov trčat će i u Zagrebu

Pascale Martinot-Lagarde won at the European Championships in Berlin in an excellent 110m hurdles final, which was decided by two thousandths of a second! This is how much faster the French hurdler was than the silver medallist Sergey Shubenkov.

Shubenkov, who had also won silver at last year’s World Championships in London, will have an opportunity for rematch in Zagreb on 4 September, because both he and Martinot-Lagarde will appear in the Boris Hanžeković Memorial Race. By far the fastest hurdler this year with 12.92, Shubenkov has won the Hanžeković Memorial Race three times already.

The new European Champion Pascale Martinot-Lagarde also has the Hanžeković Trophy on his shelf, as he won the Zagreb Meeting in 2016. His personal best is 12.95.

In Zagreb, the European gold and silver medallists will be joined by two more participants of the brilliant Berlin final – the current world bronze medallist Balazs Baji and Andy Pozzi.