Hanžekovićev memorijal napokon i na filmu

The IWCH Zagreb – Hanžeković Memorial, the oldest sporting event in Croatia, finally got its film version, as well. The event that started as a club duel between the Mladost and Dinamo Athletics Clubs, has been one of the world’s best and most highly regarded athletics meetings in the past decades.

As it is said at the beginning of the documentary: “a special athletics meeting, different from all others”.

The Meeting has hosted the world’s greatest athletics stars for years; there is almost no world or Olympic champion or world record holder who hasn’t appeared in the 110m hurdles Boris Hanžeković Memorial Race. Some of the races are shown in the film.

The documentary encompasses the period from Boris Hanžeković’s legendary win against Greece’s hurdler Christos Mantikas until today. More than 20 participants speak in the documentary, from Luciano Sušanj and Đurđa Fočić Šourek, Asafa Powell, Dawn Harper Nelson, David Oliver, Blanka Vlašić and Sandra Perković to football coach Ćiro Blažević!

The rich archival footage covers the meetings from the 1950s until today’s “Hanžek”, including some of the most important events in the Meeting’s history, such as the records set by Blanka Vlašić, Usain Bolt and the world’s best shot putters.

The documentary was produced by the IAAF World Challenge Meeting Zagreb, Dinamo-Zrinjevac Athletics Club and Croatian Radio and Television, directed by Milo Ostović, and the script was written by Marin Šarec. The film has a running time of 52 minutes.

After its gala premiere at the Europa Cinema, it was also broadcast on Croatian National Television at the beginning of 2018. May it have many reruns!