Reese Hoffa: S njim je dobra zabava zajamčena

From the first to the last sentence, the Reese Hoffa personal and sporting biography is simply full of intriguing and bizarre details. Hoffa was born on 8 October 1977 as Maurice Antawn Chism and his family adopted him following a fire which burned down his home.

In high school Hoffa got involved in athletics, American football, baseball and wrestling – an American combat sport that does not resemble classical wrestling. He was such an avid fan of wrestling that at one athletics meeting in 2004, he appeared with a masked disguise under the name of the “Unknown Shot Putter”. He says his lifelong dream is to perform dressed in a bear suit, where he would be brought to throwing pitch – in a cage.

However, to avoid any confusion, Reese Hoffa is an impressive and important name in world athletics. He became the World Champion in Osaka in 2007, the World Indoor Champion in Moscow in 2006 and Bronze medalist at the Olympic Games in London in 2012, the same year winning in the Diamond League. He holds a personal record of 22.11 metres and an indoor best of 22.43 metres. At the Hanžeković Memorial in Zagreb he often achieves strong results, winning in 2011 with a throw of 21.86 metres and 21.80 in 2012.

For those who like to hear about records, Hoffa can actually complete a Rubik’s Cube in 30 seconds!

Hoffa already knows until when we will be watching him in the throwing arena:

“I imagine I’ll keep throwing until 2017. Even if in that year I win the world title and I get an invitation to the 2019 World Cup, I’m sure I won’t continue after 2017″

So, we have lots of good fun guaranteed for three more years!