Tomasz Majewski: Nikome ne da olimpijsko zlato

Who knows how many decades or centuries will go by until we once again see the achievements to match Polish shot putter, Tomasz Majewski (born 30 September 1981). He won Olympic Gold in both Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012 and has become only the third shot putter in history to defend the Olympic Gold medal. This was last achieved by American Parry O’Brien in 1952 and 1956, nearly six decades ago.

In Beijing, Majewski won Gold throwing a distance of 21.51 metres, ahead of Christian Cantwell who threw 21.09, while in London he won with 21.89, just three centimetres further than World Champion David Storl.

Interestingly, Majewski is not among the 20 shot putters who have thrown over 22 metres, as his personal best is 21.95. However, that does not upset him. On one occasion, he commented on the results of his rivals in the following words:

Christian Cantwell and Reese Hoffa have thrown over 22 metres, but I’m neither worried nor angry with their great results. This, for me is a kind of motivation to be better than them.”

This was put right at the most important competition – the Olympic Games.

In addition to two Olympic Gold medals, Majewski won the World Silver in Berlin in 2009, walked away with the European title in Barcelona in 2010 and won the European Bronze medal in Zürich this year together with three more medals regarding indoor championships.

To call him a giant is not at all an exaggeration as Majewski towers over at 204 cms tall and weighs 140 pounds. His hobbies include basketball and playing video games.