Sandra: Ovo je za mene pobjeda

US discus thrower Gia Lewis Smallwod (34) was the greatest surprise of the 2013 IAAF Zagreb World Challenge. She beat Olympic and world champion Sandra Perković, setting a new meeting record with a throw of 66.29! Sandra finished second with 65.63.

I came here, did my best, I fought all the way to the end and, what’s most important, I didn’t give up.  My head was pushing me and giving me strength. I threw 65.63, under such conditions with such issues. Ten days ago, I could not even stand up, let alone walk, and today I came out to the field as if I was perfectly fine. This is a great victory – over myself! It is unspeakable, showing myself that I can do it even when it seems impossible“, Sandra said after the Meeting, visibly shaken, unable to hold back her tears.

“I was silent for days, struggling to appear at the Meeting at all and I did it. I don’t regret anything, I am very happy that I did my best for our fans. I thank everybody for coming to support me and cheer on your Olympic, world and European champion in a difficult time. Thank you all. Now we’ll go on, we are going to Brussels to get the diamond that we were fighting for this year“, Sandra said.