Memorijalna trka: dva pobjednika!

The 110m Hurdles Boris Hanžeković Memorial Race had two winners, who tied in 13.25 – USA’s David Oliver and Ryan Wilson. Olympic champion from Beijing, Cuba’s Dayron Robles, finished third in 13.30.

To be more precise, David Oliver was awarded the win first, in the time one hundredth of a second faster than his compatriot’s. After Wilson protested and photo finish judges and timekeepers reviewed the photo finish again, the decision was changed, and Oliver and Wilson shared the win. This is how the Boris Hanžeković Memorial race got two winners for the first time in its history.

„Due to fatigue, I made a few mistakes in the race, I tripped on three hurdles, but it is always difficult to run at this time of the year. The crowd was great and I am definitely coming again next year“, said David Oliver, the initially awarded winner.