Blanka: Ovo nije Sandrin podbačaj!

Blanka Vlašić, this year a brilliant and successful Zagreb Meeting promoter, attentively watched Sandra Perković compete at Zagreb. She doesn’t consider the Olympic and world champion’s second place at home meeting a failure, about which Sandra should worry too much.

„It is impossible to expect of Sandra not to have a bad day every now and then. This is not a failure, she only finished second. It’s no tragedy. We had coffee together a few days ago and she told me how much back pain she had. This is why we should thank her for coming. This appearance was less about her result and more about people coming to thank her for everything she has done this year. It was difficult for me to watch the Zagreb Meeting from the grandstand. More difficult than I had thought, even though I had prepared well for it. My wish to compete is stronger than ever in my career. There is a fire smouldering in me, but I obey my doctors, waiting for things to fall into place“, the two-time high jump world champion said.