Memorijalna utrka 110m prepone – Četiri olimpijska pobjednika slavila u Zagrebu

The Boris Hanžeković 110m hurdles Memorial Race has always been the central event of the Zagreb Meeting, held in the Maksimir Stadium first, and in the Mladost Stadium in the last 15 years. Four Olympic Champions have won the race that bears the name of Croatia’s best pre-World War 2 hurdler and Balkan Champion.

Canada’s Mark McKoy won in 1996 (13.57), USA’s Allen Johnson in 2000 (13.10) and 2006 (13.19), China’s Liu Xiang in 2004 (13.25) and Cuban hurdler Dayron Robles in 2007 (13.25), 2008 (13.07) and 2011 (13.00).

The Hanžeković family trophy was raised by World Champions Ryan Brathwaite in 2009 (13.35) and Jason Richardson in 2012 (13.07) and a world record holder Renaldo Nehemiah in 1990 (13.59).