Kugla – Uvijek dođu najbolji i uvijek bacaju daleko

It is difficult to say why really all the world’s best shot putters always come to Zagreb. Actually, if one knows that they are probably the greatest kidders in the world of athletics, and the Zagreb Meeting is always great fun, then it is not that strange after all.

However, in order for those uninformed not to think that shot putters only come to Zagreb to clown around, let us take a look at the results achieved in the past few years:


1. Christian Cantwell 22.16 (season’s best)

2. Tomasz Majewski 21.47…


1. Christian Cantwell 22.22

2. Reese Hoffa 21.48…


1. Reese Hoffa 21.86

2. Christian Cantwell 21.55…


1. Reese Hoffa 21.80

2. Tomasz Majewski 20.70…

Of course, you know that Cantwell and Hoffa are World Champions and Majewski a two-time Olympic Champion.