Blankina serija snova za 208 cm

If there was a contest for the most important event in the 63-year long history of the Zagreb Meeting, Blanka Vlašić‘s performance in 2009 would definitely win. After defending the high jump world title in Berlin, Blanka put the cherry on the cake at her favourite meeting, the Hanžeković Memorial in Zagreb.

Despite the impressive field (Chicherova, Shkolina, Slesarenko, Spencer…), the World Champion eventually won even 14 centimetres ahead of the second-placed competitor. Chicherova failed to clear 2 metres, and Blanka cleared that height, as well as 205 cm, on her first attempt. After that, the bar was placed at the height of the new Croatian record – 208 cm – but Blanka cleared that height on her first attempt, as well!

With the second-best result of all time in her pocket, Croatia’s athlete went for the world record, but knocked the bar off at 210 cm all three times. Still, even without the world record, we witnessed a part of the track and field history in the Mladost Stadium that day, on 31 August 2009.