Cantwell novi svjetski prvak

We saw great performances by the best shot putters at the World Championships in Berlin; [:]most of them will be our guests at the 2009 IAAF Zagreb Grand Prix on Monday, 31 August.
US shot putter Christian Cantwell is the new World Champion, Olympic Champion Tomasz Majewski of Poland finished second this time, while the World Champion from Osaka Reese Hoffa will look for a rematch, as he failed to win a medal in Germany. Zagreb is proud to have all of them at its Meeting.
Christian Cantwell won his first outdoor gold medal with a throw of over 22 metres (22.03 which is the best result in the world this year). He was the only one who achieved this on this Saturday night. Majewski came closest with 21.91m. His dream of throwing over 22m for the first time in his career did not come true in Berlin, but he will have another chance in Zagreb. Reese Hoffa of USA did not have a good day; he missed winning a medal by 9 centimetres. He threw 21.28m and the gold medallist Bartels of Germany 21.37m.